Panel: Spatial Economic Analysis

John Miron: Export base model of the city (Some PDF tables are hard to read, you can view them here.)

Yibo Yang: Optimization of Industrial Distribution Based on Small-world Networks

Michael Hain: Wage Model of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

Please leave your comments or questions for the panalists below. A live discussion will be held on Thursday, December 8 from 2:00-3:00PM. Click here to join the meeting room.


2 Responses to Panel: Spatial Economic Analysis

  1. Bill Anderson says:

    Thanks to John, Yibo and Michael for very interesting presentations. I have a question for Michael.
    Given that your research is related to an integrated transportation / land use model, I wonder if you considered the possibility that locations within the GTA/H had an influence on wages. For example, might those workers who choose to located in remote areas have to accept some wage penalty for having poorer accessibility to jobs?

    • Michael Hain says:

      Thank you for the question Bill. We suspect that there there are different location penalties through the GTA/H. Unfortunately, the data we had only included household location and not individuals’ work locations so we were not able to test work location penalties in this work. It is something we would like to do in the future to make the wage model more consistent with the location choice models within ILUTE.

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